Naval Special Warfare Projects SQT / CQT



SEAL Qualification Training/Crewman Qualification Training (SQT/CQT) is the final phase of training to become a SEAL/SWCC. However, little data exists to identify the physical and physiological characteristics of SEALS/SWCC at the beginning of their career and the potential for long-term injury and suboptimal performance. The research with SQT/CQT was collected at the Human Performance Research Laboratory located in Coronado, CA in order to:

  • Identify suboptimal characteristics and risk factors for injury in SEALS/SWCC prior to Group/Team assignment
  • Establish baseline data for Force-wide interval testing to assess career decrement and injury prevalence, reference following injury, and effectiveness of TAP to improve physical readiness
  • Assess tactical readiness

Overall, our research established baseline characteristics for SEAL and SWCC Operators upon entry into the force that will allow for tracking of injury, risk factors for injury, tactical readiness, and effectiveness of TAP. Laboratory and tactical testing was performed on 300 SEAL/SWCC Operators upon completion of SQT/CQT to identify baseline data for integration into interval testing at Little Creek, VA and Stennis and establish risk factors for SQT/CQT graduates.

Funding for the Naval Special Warfare SQT / CQT project has been provided by ONR Award # N000141110929