Naval Special Warfare Project Group 2


US Navy SEALs are a principal special operations force and the maritime component of the United States Special Operations Command. Naval Special Warfare Group 2(NSWG2) is the East Coast group of SEAL teams.

Research was designed to scientifically address the current injury prevalence of NSWG2 Operators and identify modifiable contributors to injury and optimal physical readiness.  A total of 302 Operators were enrolled and underwent a comprehensive human performance assessment for injury prevention and optimal physical readiness to evaluate biomechanical, musculoskeletal, physiological, and nutritional characteristics relative to injury and performance.

The data collected by the NMRL were provided to NSWG2’s Tactical Athlete Program (TAP) personnel for modification and current training. Our research identified specific risk factors for unintentional musculoskeletal injuries; validated the effectiveness of NSWG2’s TAP and training to improve the suboptimal SEAL-Specific characteristics that have been identified; and initiated interval testing/surveillance to assess operational drain, reference following injury, and effectiveness of TAP to improve physical readiness.

Funding for the Naval Special Warfare Group 2 project has been provided by ONR Awards #N00014071190 / N000140810412 / N000141110929.