Little Creek, VA

The Naval Special Warfare Group 2 Human Performance Research Laboratory at Joint Expedition Base Little Creek was established in 2007. Since its inception, researchers have integrated efforts in facilitating the preservation of the NSW community by establishing scientifically-based strategies to help aid operators in combat readiness and determine mechanisms of injury that might impede quality of life during and after service. Our research initiative studied operators’ metabolic and physical demands  replicated in the laboratory to analyze the mechanisms of injury of those tasks.  Additionally, our researchers have assessedthe operators biomechanical, physiological, musculoskeletal and nutritional requirements, specifically surveying injuries related to body composition, cardiovascular endurance, flexibly, balance, strength, anaerobic power, dietary intake, and joint kinematics. The overall goal of this research was to enhance the career longevity of the operator by maximizing injury resilience through performance enhancement and physical readiness.